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Second hand Stainless steel homebrew Fermenters and brewkits

Due to a business entering liquidation there is a limited amount of highend stainless steel homebrew equipment available at clearance prices.

50 x SS Brewtech 50 fermenters50 x 40 Litre Fermenters 4 x 70 litres brew kits, HLT, CLT, Mash Tun1 x 200 Litre brew kits HLT,CLT, Mash Tun
Please submit your interest for the items you would like and Paul will get back to you to arrange next steps or any questions you may have. The items are located in a warehouse in East London.

46 Litre Fermenters £100

Retail price is £330 is available here use for £100
Working volume 41.8 liters
Total volume 46.4 liters
Kit includes:
1 x 1" 3 piece Triclamp (TC) Dump valve
1 x 3/4" 3 piece TC racking valve
3 x TC Clamps.
The conicals are made up with full 1.5" TC fittings - 3 in total.
Dump port (bottom)
Rack port (side)
Blow off port (lid).
These stainless FVs come with an airtight gasketed lid fitted with a series of toggle clamps to hold everything in place.

SS Brewtech 53 litre Fermenters £120

Retail price is £415 is available here use for £120

The Chronical line of fermenters is the next step up from Brew Buckets in the Ss Brewtech family of stainless fermentation vessels. The bottom dump valve allows you to harvest yeast and reduces yeast contact with the beer, allowing for a primary and secondary fermentation inside the same vessel. Moreover, by including a domed lid the user has the ability to transfer under pressure (1-2 psi). This standard Chronical line focuses on the fundamental essentials, with features such as a rotatable racking arm, TC fittings, and 3-piece ball valves that can be completely disassembled to clean.


Pro brewing geometry
¾” dump valve and ½” racking valve
Rotatable racking arm
Domed lid with secure spring clamps
Integrated PRV
Etched volume markings in US gals / litres


14 US Gallon Capacity, 53 Litres.
Certified food grade 304 Stainless Steel.
Carry handles – carry when full!
91.5cm High 38cm Wide

High end 70 Litre Brew kits £ 375

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